Conceived and crafted in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Stub Stories Apparel endeavors to celebrate, chronicle and cultivate music. 


Every authentic ticket stub graphic tee tells a story, stirs emotions, evokes seminal moments, conjures eras past. 


Stub Stories Apparel illustrates the soundtrack of our lives, and triggers memories of musicians we’ve lost, groups long disbanded, venues that no longer exist and affordable prices…. but the music lives on. 


These t-shirts are for the fans that attended the concerts, (or wish they’d attended the concerts or don’t remember attending the concerts), waited in line for tickets, bought the records, sang the songs (out loud and off key), read the liner notes, played air guitar, emulated their idols.


Our mission is to support local musicians and provide a hand up to future generations of musical performers. For every piece of merchandise sold, Stub Stories Apparel will donate $1 to the South Bay Music Connection.